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Optimización de procesos del sector industrial

Perspectiva del posicionamiento como eje vincular

Proyect leader

Deusto Seidor, is a Technology Consulting Company with extensive experience in providing Innovative Value Added Services in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Deusto Seidor was founded in April 2002 and has offices in Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Donostia-San Sebastián. We belong to Seidor Group with more than 5,000 professionals distributed in 38 countries.

Innovation is part of our DNA, having participated in recent years in more than 30 R&D projects in order to generate know-how and develop innovative products that provide our customers easy access to the latest technologies. Deusto Seidor has specialized in 4 technological research areas.

  • Real-time location Systems or RTLS
  • Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality
  • Computer Visión
  • Advanced Data Analytics


DOMINON GLOBAL group company offering integral industrial cleaning services, waste treatment and transport.

We have more than 20 years of experience offering environmental cleaning services for all types of industrial companies and businesses such as: refineries, the chemical and petrochemical industry.

We complete our offer with other services of installations, assemblies, shutdowns… to offer a complete and centralised solution that allows us to maximise the efficiency of our clients’ processes.

We have our own equipment for the development of all activities and we do it from our commitment to safety, quality and workplace risk prevention, the experience of our team and the application of the latest technology in all our operations.

We are Geographic Intelligence Experts.

We help you have the correct information in the right place and at the necessary time so that the digital maps provide all their value for planning and modifying spaces, improving decisionmaking and asset management, monitoring and communicating efficiently, or managing risks.

We offer services for the capture, treatment, and management of GeoInformation, development and GIS integration.

We are a global company providing engineering and multi-technology services and projects. We work as a strategic partner by offering our clients holistic solutions in the fields of industry, technology and telecommunications, energy, infrastructure and the home.

Our value proposition is based on maximising the efficiency of business processes thanks to our industry-specific knowledge and the innovative application of technology with an original focus.

Set up in Bilbao in 1999, we have a management model and culture based on four key factors: digitalisation, diversification, decentralization and financial discipline.

We are present in more than 35 countries, with over 1,000 clients and a team made up of over 9,000 employees. We have an annual turnover of more than 1,000 million euros and have been listed on the Spanish stock exchange since April 2016 (DOM:BME).

Transformation. Technology. Efficiency.

IDK Elektronika dates back to 1992 as a company located in Errenteria (Gipuzkoa) providing services as a electronic subcontracting company and designing its own products.

Thanks to non-stop work, investments made and constant training in new technologies of manufacturing in the electronics industry, IDK has become one of the main EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) companies, with a presence in diverse sectors of state-of-the-art companies throughout the world.

It has technical and human capacities in different key areas: purchase management, product development, quality control and manufacture in different areas: SMT technology, THL technology, manual soldering, equipment assembly, conformal coating, potting, FW programming and functional testing.

i2U, solves the existing need to automate the internal logistics processes of the warehouses of bulky items such as coils, billets or blooms. i2U is aimed at all those companies that participate in the value chain of the steel sector, from the manufacturer, through the logistics and reaching the transformer.

Our technology positively impacts customer accounts, occupational safety and reduces the environmental impact of the logistics sector.

SEGULA Technologies is a French engineering consulting group with a worldwide presence and is positioned as an international leader in consulting, technical assistance and innovation. Present in more than 30 countries and with more than 140 offices worldwide, the Group benefits from a close relationship with its customers thanks to the competence of its more than 10,000 employees.

As a leading engineer with innovation at the core of its strategy, SEGULA Technologies leads large projects ranging from studies to industrialization and production. SEGULA Techniologies focuses its activity on the following sectors: Aeronautics and Defense, Automotive and Industrial Vehicles, Life Sciences, Energy, Railway and Marine.

Vi4Crane is a company specialist in the automation and improvement of processes related to waste pits. Using technology based on artificial vision and AI, Vi4Crane fully addresses the automation of the process, ensuring its productivity and availability of production resources. It also has easily installable hardware, wireless communication solutions and adaptive software to allow to plants already in operation to incorporate its product quickly and economically.

Vi4crane offers both turnkey projects and pay-per-use kits, with a very short return on investment period, being a reference in the management of pits for the waste to energy sector.

RVCT centers

Created in 1982 on the initiative of the University of Navarra, Ceit is a non-profit Technology Centre that uses its high specialisation in advanced manufacturing, mobility, sustainability and information technologies to develop industrial applied research projects in close collaboration with companies.

Furthermore, the centre promotes excellence in applied research through scientific production, participation in science and technology outreach forums, and PhD training in the field of industrial research projects. Member of Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA).

Sectors: Ceit combines its capabilities and technologies and brings them to the market to offer solutions to key industrial sectors such as Railways, Aeronautics, Energy, Health and Food, Automotive, Environment, ICT and Industrial Manufacturing.

The Mobility and Logistics Cluster, MLC ITS Euskadi, is a private non-profit cluster which was founded in 2005. It works in the field of passenger mobility, freight logistics and related industry developing transport products, solutions, services and specific technologies (ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems), which make mobility increasingly safer, more efficient, sustainable and technologically advanced. It operates in the fields of Innovation, Internationalisation, Cooperation and Promotion.

Its members include infrastructure managers, operators, administrations, research and knowledge centres and the industry that develops products, services, solutions and specific technologies for the sector. In figures, they represent 17% of the Basque Country’s GDP, 31% of their turnover comes from exports, and they invest 3.8% of their income in innovation.

Dominion I+D es la Unidad Empresarial de I+D del grupo Dominion. Constituida y acreditada en la Red Vasca de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación. Dominion I+D lidera y coordina transversalmente las actividades de I+D+i que se realizan en el grupo, estableciendo, gestionando y monitorizando las líneas de investigación establecidas.

La I+D+i es un elemento básico en la estrategia de Dominion, que mantiene y desarrolla a un nivel avanzado de vitalidad tecnológica como clave de su posicionamiento y consolidación en el mercado. Dominion se basa en su conocimiento tecnológico, sus habilidades innovadoras y la colaboración con centros de investigación y universidad para ayudar a los clientes a optimizar sus procesos productivos. Dominion desarrolla soluciones innovadoras dando respuestas adecuadas a la revolución digital con el objetivo de generar eficiencia.